(Mesoscale Dynamics & Modeling Lab)

The MesoLab at NC A&T State University conducts research on atmospheric dynamics and modeling of tropical cyclones, orographic effects on airflow and weather systems, wildfires,
gravity waves & turbulence, severe, local
storms and cloud microphysics.

  Yuh-Lang Lin (cv)
Lin's Students


Atmospheric Science Programs at NC A&T
    BS in ASME      MS in PHYS (Conc in Atmos Sci)      PhD in AST (Conc in Atmos Sci)
Atmospheric Science Faculty
           S. Bililign         Y.-L. Lin         A. Mekonnen         Y. Rastigejev         J. Zhang
Atmospheric Science Courses
(S24 AS Class Schedule)
WX&Climate Studies (ASME 234-A,B,C)
(Mekonnen, Lin, Zhang)
Atmospheric Science Student Seminars
AST 992-02C, PHYS 789, ASME 492)
Atmospheric  Thermodynamics
(ASME 231)(Lin)
Earth System Science
(ASME 151)(Mekonnen)
Atmospheric Dynamics II
(ASME 434)(Lin)
Fund Meteorology & Climatology
(ASME 251/252)(Zhang)
Numerical Weather Prediction
(AST 853)(Lin)
Weather Systems
(ASME 275)(Zhang)
Weather Analysis & Forecasting I
(ASME 422)(Zhang)
Broadcast Meteorology
(ASME 285)(Hamilton)
Polar Meteorology
(ASME 430)(Zhang)
Weather Analysis & Forecasting II
(ASME 423)(Zhang)
Atmospheric Dynamics I
(ASME 433)(Lin)
Basic & Applied Climatology
(ASME 385)(Mekonnen)
Atmospheric Remote Sensing
(ASME 463)(Mekonnen)
Atmospheric Physics I
(PHYS 411)(Rastigeyev)
Senior Project
(ASME 496)(Lin/Mekonnen/Zhang)
Tropical Meteorology
(ASME 420)(Mekonnen)
Physical Meteorology
(AST 850)(Rastigeyev)
Atmospheric Modeling
(ASME 470) (Karim)
Dynamic Meteorology
(AST 851)(Lin)
Advanced Synoptic WX Analysis
(AST 854)(Zhang)
Synoptic Meteorology
(AST 859)(Zhang)
Advanced Tropical Meteorology
(AST 858)(Mekonnen)
Dynamic Mountain Meteorology
(AST 885)(Lin)
Special Topics in Meteorology (AST 885)
(Atmos Turbance) (Rastigeyev)
Principles of Air Quality
(AST 855)(Bililign)
Atmospheric Aerosols
(AST 856)(Bililign)

Publications (MesoLab Group Only)
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GeoPath Internship Program
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