(Mesoscale Dynamics & Modeling Lab)

The MesoLab at NC A&T State University conducts research on atmospheric dynamics and modeling of tropical cyclones, orographic effects on airflow and weather systems, wildfires,
gravity waves & turbulence, severe, local
storms and cloud microphysics.

  Yuh-Lang Lin (cv)


Atmospheric Science Programs at NC A&T
BS in ASME      MS in PHYS (Conc in Atmos Sci)      PhD in AST (Conc in Atmos Sci)
Atmospheric Science Faculty
           S. Bililign         Y.-L. Lin         A. Mekonnen         Y. Rastigejev         J. Zhang
Atmospheric Science Courses (S22)
WX&Climate Studies (ASME 234-05A,B,C)
(Mekonnen, Lin, Zhang)
Earth System Science
(ASME 151)(Mekonnen)
Atmospheric  Thermodynamics
(ASME 231)(Lin)
Broadcast Meteorology
(ASME 285)(Hamilton)
Atmospheric  Dynamics II
(ASME 434)(Lin)
Basic & Applied Climatology
(ASME 385)(Mekonnen)
Dynamic Mountain Meteorology
(ASME 885-04)(Lin)
Weather Analysis & Forecasting
(ASME 422)(Zhang)
Atmos Sci Student Seminars (ASME 492, PHYS 789, AST 992-6; Presentation Table)  Advanced Synoptic Weather Analysis
(AST 854-01)(Zhang)
Physical Meteorology
(AST 850)(Rastigev)
Publications (MesoLab Group Only)
   Mesoscale Dynamics book (Lin)         Publications [Mesolab only]      Google Scholar Citation
    Research Activities                            Research Opportunities
Atmos Sci Seminars & Conferences
GeoPath Internship Program
A Virtual Tour of Atmos Sci Teaching & Research @NCAT
Graduate Studies at NC A&T
(PhD, MS)
Research @MesoLab (Lin)
Post-Doctoral Scholar at NCAT
News: A Broadcast MY course is offered in S22 (Instructor: Britaney Hamilton)!
                Mariah Bush's hits as a WX Broadcaster!
  Fellowships & Jobs
Climate Change revealed by
Google Earth Lapse
NSF HBCU-RISE Extereme Weather Research Center (EWC) @NCAT