NCAT AST 851 Fall 2019 (Dynamic Meteorology)




     Ch1  Introduction 

          Sec1.1 Introduction

          Sec1.2 Real Forces

          Sec1.3 Apparent Forces and Coordinate Systems

          Sec1.4 Alternate Vertical Coordinates

    Ch2 Basic Equations and Scacle Analysis of Atmospheric Motion & Processes

          Sec2.1 Scale Analysis and Application of the Basic Equations

          Sec2.2 Scale Analysis of the Continuity Equations

    Ch3 Atmospheric Thermodynamics

    Ch4 Elementary Applications of the Basic Equations

          Sec4.1 Basic Equations in Isobaric Coordinates

          Sec4.2 Balanced Flow

          Sec4.3 Trajectories, Streamlines and Streamfunctions

          Sec4.4 Thermal Wind

          Sec4.5 Vertical Motion

          Sec4.6 Surface Pressure Tendency

    Ch5 Circuation and Vorticity

          Sec5.1 The Circulation Theorem

          Sec5.2 Vorticity

          Sec5.3 The Vorticity Equation

          Sec5.4 Potential Vorticity

    Ch6 General Circulation

          Ch6 General Circulation

    Ch7 Quasi-Geostrophic Theory of Baroclinic Instability and Cyclogenesis

          Sec7.1-2 QG Approximation and QG Vorticity Equation

          Sec7.3 Geopotential Tendency Equation

          Sec7.4 QG Diagnosis of vertical motion

          Sec7.5 Q-Vector and Ageostrophic Circulation

          Sec7.6 Idealized Baroclinic Model and Cyclogenesis


          Ch8 Introduciton to Wave Dynamics