NCAT ASME 433 (Atmospheric Dynamics I) Fall 2023


    Syllabus ASME 433


    Lecture Notes

    Ch.1 Introduction    

          1.1 Introduction

          1.2 Real Forces

          1.3 Apparent Forces and Coordinate Systems

          1.4 Alternative Vertical Coordinates

    Ch.2 Scale Analysis of Basic Equaitons of Atmospheric Motion & Processes

          2.1 Scale Analysis of Equations of Motion

          2.2 Scale Analysis and Approximations of Continuity Equation

    Ch.3 Scale Analysis of Thermodynamic Equation

    Ch.4 Elementary Applications of the Basic Equations

          4.1 Basic Eqs. in Isobaric Coordinates

          4.2 Balanced Flow

          4.3 Trajectories, Streamlines, and Streamfunction

          4.4 Thermal Wind

          4.5 Vertical Motion

          4.6 Surface Pressure Tendency

    Ch.5 Circulation and Vorticity

          5.1 Circulations Theorems

          5.2 Vorticity

          5.3 The Vorticity Equation

             5.4 Potential Vorticity

    Ch. 6 General Circulation

    Ch.7 Quasi-Geostrophic (QG) Theory of Baroclinic Instability and Cyclogenesis

           7.1&2 QG Approximation and QG Vorticity Equation

           7.3 Geopotential Tendency Equation

           7.4 QG Diagnosis, Omega Vertical Motion, and Q-Vector

           7.5 Idealized Baroclinic Model and Cyclogenesis

    Ch. 8 Introduction to Wave Dynamics

    Ch. 9 Introduction to Planetary Boundary Layer