Atmospheric Science Seminars and Conference Presentations

       1. NCAT Atmospheric Science Student Seminars: 3:00-4:00pm, Wednesday, Spring 2021 Semester. 

      2. 13th AMS Fire and Forest Meteorology Symposium (11-13 May 2021 Virtual Meeting)

               Kaplan et al._Multiscale Dynamics Associated with the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona

               Agyakwah, Lin, Kaplan_Key Factors Affecting the East Bay Hills Fire in California

         Ising, Kaplan, Lin_Effects of Evaporative Cooling, Complex Terrain, Diurnal Heeing on the Yarnell Hill Fire

         Karim, Lin, Kaplan_Mesoscale Dynamics Resulting in the formation of the Cedar Fire (2003)

         Riley, Kaplan, and Lin_Obervational and Numerical Studies of the Camp Fire (2018) in Northern California